Orange Beach False Crawl

OB had a false crawl this morning! Our LOF (Leave Only Footprints) night crew spotted it last night abt 11:15! Unfortunately the location has artificial lighting issues from Condos and appears maybe Street lights also an issue.  Good news she nested in nice dark area of GSP!

Lights out everyone!!


Orange Beach gets #8

June 22: From Lisa G (OB Team Leader) Got a call from Mike at  3:16 am “Turtle on beach but gone back to water” followed up by a text (which I did not read – mistake) Got a text from LOF crew at 3:54 that a nest was spotted between loungers at Phoenix West. (Spotter…

Laguna Key Turtle News

June 14: From Jan (Laguna Key Team Leader) Tag team tagged #28 last night in Laguna Key gated community. June 14 Nest #B12 for us.  36″ crawl […clip…].Momma turtle did not come in very far from tide pool area to lay her nest.  Thinking she was scarred by flash picture that was posted on facebook.…