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TURTLE FEST 2020: If you missed our live Turtle Fest event on September 12, you can find all of the videos and resources we shared HERE!

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UPDATE: Click here to download the most current Additional Guidelines due to COVID-19 for Alabama Coastal Foundation’s Share the Beach Program.

Each year, thousands of families converge on Alabama’s white-sand beaches for fun in the sun, but there’s another family that makes its annual pilgrimage to the sanctuary of our shores – the endangered sea turtle. From July to October, these nests produce baby sea turtles make their way to the beaches where they hatched so many years ago to lay their own eggs.

Since 2003, an estimated 67,000+ sea turtles have hatched along our shores from Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Without the help of hundreds of Share the Beach volunteers, the newly hatched sea turtles may not find their way to the warm Gulf waters to embark on their journey.

As you can see from this announcement, the Share the Beach program had a new journey in 2018 as well when the Alabama Coastal Foundation ( became the new home! We ask that you take the time to learn more about our marine friends, and how you can recognize their nests, increase their chances of survival and support the volunteers who Share the Beach with them each year. Also, we hope that you will consider adopting a nest this season. Enrollment for new volunteers for the 2020 season is now open! Download and read the Alabama Sea Turtle Conservation Manual

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Sea Turtle Season starts on May 1st!

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We are thinking of all of our friends, fans, and fellow turtle team members in the aftermath of Hurricane Sally. So many of us were impacted, some more severely than others. We won't have an update on our remaining nests until we have had time to do some cleaning up and taking care of each other, but we expect to have lost all 19 that we had left on our beaches. ... See MoreSee Less

It's almost time for Turtle Fest 2020!! Will you be joining us? Head over to the event at 10am to get started!
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With storms rolling in and waves washing up higher on the beach, we do expect to see some of our nests impacted. As weather permits, we are checking on all nests, so there is no need to call the hotline to report nest wash over (though we do appreciate your involvement!). Sea turtle nests can withstand a certain amount of wash over, depending on what stage the eggs are in incubation. We cannot move nests to prevent impacts from storms, as this can often cause more damage than leaving them in place.
Please DO call if you see eggs or hatchlings on the beach. If conditions are safe, we will come out to secure them. (866)SEA-TURTLE.
Remember, stay off the beach in heavy rain, surf, and especially lightning. Hoping all of our coastal friends stay safe over the next few days!
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Coastal Cleanup is coming! As long as you're spending time outdoors on our beaches, bays and waterways, why not pitch in, help clean up, and keep these areas enjoyable for everyone! There will be sites set up along the entire AL coastline (out of state friends, check your local area!), so if you prefer a site closer to home, there are plenty to choose from!
#alabamacoastalfoundation #sharethebeach #cleandarkflat #coastalcleanupLooking for a great way to stay socially distant and still get involved in your community? Hopefully you'll consider joining us at the Alabama Coastal Cleanup next month, on September 19th!

ACF will be running Perdido Bay and Flora-Bama zones. If you are interested in helping with either site email
Visit their website to learn more about this annual cleanup effort!
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