2018 Volunteer Meeting

The 2018 Volunteer meeting is scheduled for April 5th, 2018.  Meeting will start at 6:00pm and will be held this year at the Erie Meyer Civic Center in Gulf Shores. The address is 1930 W 2nd St.

Meet Our Nesting Neighbors

Each year, thousands of families converge on Alabama’s white-sand beaches for fun in the sun, but there’s another family that makes its annual pilgrimage to the sanctuary of our shores – the endangered sea turtle. From July to October these nests produce baby sea turtles make their way to the beaches where they hatched so many years ago to lay their own eggs.

Since 2003, an estimated 50,000+ sea turtles have hatched along our shores from Dauphin Island and Fort Morgan to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Without the help of hundreds of Share the Beach volunteers, the newly hatched sea turtles may not find their way to the warm Gulf waters to embark on their journey.

As you can see from this announcement, the Share the Beach program has a new journey in 2018 as well! We ask that you take the time to tour this web site to learn more about our marine friends, and how you can recognize their nests, increase their chances of survival and support the volunteers who Share the Beach with them each year. If you are interested in attending the celebration on March 1st at LuLu’s Gulf Shores, please click here to download the flier and click here to purchase your tickets.We also hope that you will consider adopting a nest this season.

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